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In: IELTS By: Sonal Joshi



It goes beyond doubts that before the examiner evaluates your task, you should know how it is evaluated and should do the same for your practice tasks. Writing and Speaking are open ended, creative and subjective. IELTS thus, terms them as Productive Skills while Listening and Reading are Receptive Skills. Reading and Listening follow the ‘All or None’ principle which means you get full or no marks. However, Writing and Speaking test the level of performance across four criteria.


1.       Task Achievement

The level to which your response answers the question asked with respect to word limits. Example: The question asks you to discuss measures of pollution but  your answer focuses more on types and effects of pollution with a very small paragraph on solutions. In such a case, even with the best of English and elevated vocabulary, the score is low. Ask yourself: What is the question asking me to do? Where should my focus lie?

2.       Coherence and Cohesion

Organize your essay well. Each paragraph should discuss a unique detail. Order your points and paragraphs in such a way that one leads to another in a neat flow. It should not appear jumbled and unorganized. Each paragraph has an opening sentence followed by supporting ideas and examples. Maintain the same through the essay.


3.       Grammatical Range and Accuracy:

Do not load your essay with complex sentences alone. Have a mix of simple, compound and complex sentences. Also, correctness and simplicity in understanding have precedence over complexity. Correct grammar, variety of forms, use of phrases, good command over clauses pays. However, when you lack confidence in grammar, do not experiment. Follow the sweet and simple style of making sentences.


4.       Lexical Resources

Vocabulary also follows the same rule as grammar. Do not experiment unless sure. Use both simple and complex words taking care of contextual connotations. Do not repeat the same words often. Use synonyms.


Check if your essay follows all these rules. Accordingly, award scores on each category. This builds your final; score. The same procedure is followed in the exam. 

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