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You cannot compare just any 1 year program with a 2 year program. It makes sense if you compare the two programs being offered in the same university. It is depends on overall reputation of B school. It does not matter whether it is 1 year or 2 year MBA program. The only important thing is which school can help you meet your career aspirations.

Tuition Cost is less in a 1 yr MBA and the expected Salary would depend on the individuals profile in turn determining the ROI. Most people prefer a one year MBA programme because you spend less money as you get on your job hunt faster. Employers don't distinguish between people who have done a one-year MBA and those who go for a two-year MBA.

A one-year MBA does not necessarily mean the curriculum is more difficult. What it really means is that, just like in the real world, you work hard and you play hard. In fact, the curriculum for most one-year and two-year MBA programmes is pretty much the same. The 2 year programme offers a luxury called summer-internship where you can get hands on experience in the field you want to switch to. A one year is more for all those who have been-there-done-it-all's who just want to enhance. In this case the requirements for the two are entirely different and the university assistance in career development for the 2 year MBA is much more as compared to the 1 year. The 1 year candidates mostly take a break from their work and have plans to join back their place of employment post MBA. Whereas the 2 year students have plans to join a new corporate as junior level managers. I believe that if a person is already established in their career, it may make sense to do a one year program to get the credential as fast as possible. On the other hand, if a person is looking for career growth, it is best to do a two year program in order to pick up valuable electives and the opportunity to do an internship.

There are B schools such as Belhaven University Jackson which offers accelerated programs that could meet once a week, making it convenient for the students without compromising the quality of education. Find more at Belhaven University Jackson.


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