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What You Will Need at the Test Center ?

# Acceptable identification as described in Presenting Proper Identification

Presenting Proper Identification

The following are the only acceptable forms of ID that you may use at the test center:

  • Passport*
  • Government-issued driver’s license
  • Government-issued national/state/province identity card (including European ID card)
  • Military ID card

*If you are testing in Bangladesh, China (including Hong Kong), Pakistan, India, or Singapore, you must present your passport as your identification.

Note: No other forms of identification will be accepted at the test center. Unacceptable forms of ID include expired passports or driver
’s licenses, social security cards, draft classification cards, credit cards, employee or student IDs, letters from your university or college, IDs with physical descriptions in place of photos, or any other kind of ID that does not meet the requirements described above.


# The names of the GMAT® Programs to which you would like to send your GMAT® scores.

Note: you will not be allowed to bring notes with the names of these programs into the testing room.

# The appointment confirmation letter or email you received from Pearson VUE. However, if you do not have your confirmation letter
—or were not issued a confirmation letter—you will still be allowed to test if you have a scheduled appointment.

Items Not Permitted During the Test Session

No testing aids are permitted during the test session or during breaks, and there is limited space for you to store your personal belongings. Testing aids include but are not limited to the following:

 scratch paper
 calculators or watch calculators
 stop watches or watch alarms
 personal data assistants (PDAs)
 telephones or cell phones
 beepers or pagers
 photographic devices
 stereos or radios
 any other electronic devices that could aid testing
 books or pamphlets
 dictionaries, translators, or thesauri
 pens or any other writing utensils
 rulers or any other measuring devices



The administrator will provide you with a booklet of five (5) noteboards at the start of your test.  If you fill these noteboards during your test, you may request replacements by raising your hand. You may not remove these noteboards from the testing room at any time. Every noteboard must be returned at the end of the test session. You may not take your own noteboard into the testing room.


Changes for the GMAT
As of January of 2006, paper and pencil will no longer be available to use as scratch notes during the exam. The test proctor will give a wet erase booklet and special wet erase pen.

The test takers will be required to raise their hand and ask for a new book or pen if either one is needed. This change has been of much surprise to many. It is said the change is for 2 reasons, one being the fact people were getting actual test questions out of the testing center through paper and pencil, another reason is to save paper.


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