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When apply for MS in USA


Fall Semester

Winter Semester

GRE + TOEFL Preparation
SOP, LOR and Resume Preparation
Information Search & Pre-Application

March to July

December to February

Appearing For GRE/TOEFL


Short listing Of Universities

August to October February to April

>>>  Transcripts
>>>  LOR
>>>  Resume
>>>  Financial Documents

Sending Your application

Appearing For GRE/TOEFL
( These are latest  deadline, Please check your actual dates with respective universities )

Application Deadline

September to May May to September

Admission decision announced

Visa Application

June to August October to December

Preparing for departure
Fly to a bright future.

Course Starts

September January

The dates in the flowchart are in accordance with the all possible deadlines for admission. Still have a Question   Ask Now

Vivek Singh : It is December 2006.I want to go US in fall 2007 so up to when should I give GRE.
Answer: Dear Vivek, You already late for fall 2007 session. But you can apply as late as February 2007.So you can give GRE anytime before February 2007.


A Ready Reckoner :
A successful entry into a U.S. based M.S. needs a lot of meticulous planning in advance. This information is primarily meant for engineering graduates. If you have decided to do an M.S. after your B.E., you should start preparing right from the second year. A typical schedule would look like this:

Second year of B.E.
- Have a passport ready or apply for one
- Gather enough study material and information on GRE, TOEFL etc.
- Start preparing from the fourth semester itself.

Third year of B.E.
- Book your GRE, TOEFL dates sometime during July with the TOEFL date lagging GRE by a week.
- Decide on the program (area of interest) and the universities based on various factors.
- Take your GRE and TOEFL between your sixth and seventh semester.

Final year of B.E.
- Based on your GRE and TOEFL scores, start applying to your chosen universities before December (during your seventh semester).
- After you receive admits, decide which university you are going to join.
- After you receive your I-20, get all other documents ready. Also block your airline ticket through a travel agent.
- This is also the time for applying for an educational loan or scholarship.

Post B.E.
- Book for a visa date sometime during June (before the last week).
- Keep your fingers crossed!
- After getting the visa, Take an student insurance and get other materials ready.


Aditya from Chennai Asks: I am in second year engineering. Is it too early to prepare for these exams or is it the apt time.
Dear Aditya, Thanks a lot for asking query. As a expert I believe that getting a perfect score in GRE takes time. Studying abroad is not a 2-3 years affairs, It is going to impact your career in longer term. I think this absolutely right time to start.

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