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Common IELTS Interview Questions

International English Language Testing System




Possible Questions from the Interviewer of the IELTS Test
1. What is the meaning of your given name?
2. Does your name affect your personality?
3. Tell me something about your hometown.
4. What are the differences in accent between your hometown and Beijing?
5. What is the character of the people like in your hometown?
6. What is people's favourite food in the region where you live?
7. What will you do during the Spring Festival this year?
8. Are there any traditional festivals in your region? 
9. Describe a typical Spring Festival for a Chinese fa
10. Tell me something about the Lantern Festival.
11. How have weddings changed in recent years?
12. Tell me something about the Qing Ming Festival.
13. Describe a traditional wedding ceremony.
14. How do Chinese usually celebrate birthdays?
15. Are there any traditions concerning the birth of a baby?
16. How do you like Beijing? Compare it to your hometown.
17. What place do you like best in Beijing?
18. What places in Beijing should a foreigner visit?
19. What places would you recommend a visitor to go to in your region/hometown?
20. If you had the choice, where would you choose to live in China?
21. Which parts of China would you recommend a foreigner to visit?
22. Tell me something about your family.
23. Which is the worst place you've been to in China?
24. Who takes the greatest responsibility for bringing up your child in your family?
25. Which is the best place you've been to in China?
26. Who does most of the household chores in your family?
27. Are the traditional sexual roles within the family changing?
28. Why is the divorce rate increasing so rapidly? Is it a problem?
29. What is your opinion of the one-child policy?
30. How do you discipline your child?
31. Is it acceptable for couples to live together without marrying?
32. If you had the choice, would you have a son or a daughter?
33. Are you going to bring your child up any differently to the way your parents did?
34. What hopes do you have for your child?
35. Do women still have too heavy a burden in their day to day life?
36. Is the increasing influence of the West largely a positive or negative thing?
37. What, according to you, has been the greatest change in recent years?
38. What, according to you, has been the most problematic change in recent years?
39. What, if you are a lecturer what changes have you seen in education over the past few years?
40. Who should bear the responsibility for payment of tuition fees?
41. What can be done to improve education in rural areas?
42. Have recent changes affected your job in any way?
43. Do you agree with private education?
44. What can be done to close the gap between urban and rural areas?
45. If you had the power, what reforms would you carry out within education?
46. Describe a typical working day for you.
47. How do you see yourself in ten years time?
48. If you had the opportunity to change your job, what would you do instead?
49. If you had one million Yuan, what would you do with it?
50. If you could start your life again, would you do anything differently?
51. Do you have any ambitions?
52. Which country/place would you most like to visit?
53. What changes do you think China will see in the next few years?
54. Will any possible future changes affect your job in any way?
55. How do you think you will cope in Britain?
56. Does anything worry you about going to the UK?
57. Are you looking forward to anything in particular in Britain?
58. What are your plans on your return to China?
59. What do you do in your spare time?
60. What will you do if you fail the IELTS? 



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