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Analogy 1500

 You can receive "Analogy Practice 1500" Book containing more than 1500 questions and detailed answers, including Expert Strategies in following ways.

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Rs. 400.00
Analogy 1500

This Printed Analogy book, From the mentors who know it BEST, Started from the definition of analogy, this Analogy Practice book offers you simple and straightforward methods and practice for quickly and dramatically improving your vocabulary and logic and reasoning skills. Using a self-paced approach that moves from basic questions to more difficult ones, 1500 Analogy Test Questions teaches you to successfully prepare for all the different types of Analogy that are tested on standardized exams You'll learn to:

  • Get familiar with the famous analogy question format on standardized tests
  • Pinpoint exact word definitions and become aware of secondary word meanings
  • What's tested on the Exam
  • Understand relationships between words and practice analogy
  • Draw logical conclusions about possible answer choices
  • Assess your ability to apply logic and reasoning skills to word knowledge and put you on the path to improvement
  • Practice with hundreds of sample questions
  • Identify Exact types of analogies—cause/effect, part/whole, type/category, synonyms, antonyms, and more!
  • Amazing approach to attack on Analogy questions even if do not know the meaning of the given word.
  • Test Taking tips to help build confidence.
  • Analogy Answers given in details
  • It includes miller analogy test sample question

1500 Analogy Questions is the perfect preparation for entrance exams, the GRE, Miller analogy Test  MAT —and many other standardized tests!





What Students Says..

Me is Ganesh Deo one of the GRE aspirants from Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Its really an impeccable and perfect course material for students. In this course material analogies are classified into 38 different types of analogy worksheet, along with lot of examples of each type. And more than this it contains 75 practice exercises for analogies each exercise contains 20 analogy quiz, so total (20 X 75 =1500) analogies in total along with explanation of correct  answers. The advantage of using material is that it includes examples from very wide variety of fields which is not commonly seen in any book (viz. the BARRON'S etc.)

So if you want to encounter a success in final GRE BATTLE you must use this course material.


A lot of test takers preparing for the Millers analogy Test MAT exam end up spending thousands of dollars on MAT exam prep courses when they would probably be better off with this analogy study guide and practice tests.
It is a must buy if you are serious about Miller Analogy Test  MAT. It is the best MAT book.

          -Shally Rodricks, New York


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