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Common mistakes in IELTS

Everybody desires for the good band score but do you know what all mistakes you are doing that is becoming an obstacle in your goal. One fourth percent of your marks in the writing and speaking tests arise from the correct usage of grammar. Unfortunately many of us don't know how to write and what structure to form while speaking and writing.

So in order to avoid such kind of mistakes check through these points:

~ Usage of correct tenses

English language is totally based on the tenses we use to convey our message so if you are lacking in using of correct grammar you must learn them first because without accurate grammar your tasks are incomplete.

~ Longer or shorter essays

The length of your essays matter a lot. Writing a very long or very short essay will indirectly cost deduction of bands. In order to avoid such mistakes, plan your essay and then write within the word limit.

~ Changing of subject

While writing or speaking we often do such mistakes that we misunderstood the topic and according to our understanding we answer the question. No matter how well you are speaking or writing wrong subject means zero marks. In order to avoid this problem read/carefully then only respond.

~ ACCENT doesn't matter

Candidates usually think that speaking in some particular accent will help them score good but actually not what matters is the PRONUNCIATION. No matter how strong you are with your accent if you are pronouncing it wrong you are losing marks.

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