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Italy officially ‘‘the Italian Republic’’ is a parliamentary republic in Europe. It has a largely temperate climate; due to its shape being similar to a shoe, it is often referred as lo Stivale - “the Boot”. With 61 million inhabitants, it is the 4th most populous EU member state located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Italy shares open land borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Vatican City. Italy is divided into 20 regions which are further subdivided into 9 metropolitan cities and 101 provinces.  Italy has a capitalist mixed economy, ranking as the third-largest in the Euro-zone and the eighth-largest in the world. The country is a founding member of the G7 and G8 groups. With a rich cultural heritage, the country has been home to many of history’s most famous names in the areas of Art, Literature, Philosophy, Sports and Science. It also has a long history of international trade, having forged links with countries around the world, bringing together knowledge, skills, business and ideas.

Why Italy for your Higher Education?

  • Admission will be given in world ranking public university.
  • Scholarship available from Different Italian Universities and Italian Regional Education Trust (5000 to 8000 Euros per year, Our success rate is 100% for Scholarship)
  • Part time job rights 20 hr/week for international student.
  • Post study permanent residence opportunity for student.
  • Student will get European Blue Card with an Italian degree after 5 years of stay.